Please contact me if you are intersted in the syllabi for these classes. 

Notre Dame

  • Comparative Political Economy (Grad. Seminar), Fall 2016
  • International Political Economy (Grad. Seminar, Keough School), Spring 2018
  • Introduction to Political Economy (UG lecture), Fall 2016, Fall 2017
  • Politics, Societies and Economies in Contemporary Russia and Eurasia (UG/small lecture class), Spring 2016, Fall 2017
  • Introduction to Comparative and International Political Economy, (UG lecture), Fall 2015
  • Political Economy of Food and Agriculture/Food Politics (Senior Seminar and University Seminar), Fall 2015 and Spring 2017

University of Chicago

  • Governance and Regulation in the Global Economy (UG and Grad), Spring 2015
  • Introduction to International Political Economy (UG), Fall quarter 2014
  • International Political Economy (Graduate), Fall quarter 2014
  • Food Politics, Fall quarter 2013 and Winter quarter 2015

UC Berkeley (GSI)

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics, Spring 2008
  • Theories of Economic Development, Fall 2004
  • International Organizations & Global Challenges, UC Berkeley Study Abroad Program (Switzerland), Summer 2004